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Weekly meetings continue every Thursday at 8pm. Location: "Pakenhof" Pakenstraat 83, 3001 Heverlee.

Our monthly board meetings take place at the Kwartier Cdt De Hemptinne in Heverlee. (Block R, SOR) and where non-board members may also attend. They must notify Johnny WILLEMS (see board details).


Death of Arthur BAILEY

He was the last Parachutist WWII. Member of 'POMPEY Branch' Portmouth.

Annually Arthur was present, including last year, at our reunion during the P.R.A. Day and always with a smile.
His funeral will take place at Portsmouth Cathedral on 23 February at 2.45pm.
Our Branch of Leuven will send a delegation.

Arthur BAILEY as we knew him. Always that smile, proud and never complaining. To his right, GenMaj Chip CHAPMAN President of the POMPEY Branch.

Who we are:

We are the Leuven Branch of revetted Paras and/or Commandos. All of us are proud to have served in Belgian or Foreign units.

Who can become a member?

Those who have obtained an "A" Commando and/or Parachutist certificate in the Belgian Army and have served honourably can effectively become members. Others can become sympathisers.

Monthly shooting sessions:

Activities 2022

Every first Monday of the month.

Each time from 7pm to 10pm.

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