Who can become a member?


Those who have obtained an "A" Certificate of Command and/or "A" Certificate of Parachutist in the Belgian Army and have served honourably can effectively become members. They pay an annual membership fee of €20 (EFF).

Those meeting similar requirements but who are certified in a NATO country are also accepted as foreign effective members (EFF).

Young people with a sense of adventure can also join us as cadets from 16 to 23 years old. They pay an annual membership fee of €7.50 (KAD).

Those who appreciate our circle of friends and want to support it can do so by becoming a sympathising member by paying an annual contribution of € 30 (SYM).

Membership fees:

Para-Commandos veterans and professionals: 20 euros

Cadets: 7.50 euros

Sympathizers: 30 euros

Account number:

BE28 0010 8937 9920